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2×2 picture size in cm Microsoft Word

What is the size of 2x2 picture in Microsoft Word?

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The size of a 2x2 picture in Microsoft Word is the same as it would be in real life, which is 2x2 inches. Meaning, 2 inches in width and 2 inches in height as well. However, you would not need to manually measure 2 inches on your computer screen to make sure that the image size on your document is indeed 2x2.

In Microsoft Office 2010, you can insert an image either by dragging a file to the Word window, or using the Insert picture command. Once a picture has been inserted, you now have the option to manipulate the image, including resize it to your preference. Please remember that Microsoft Word uses inches in measurement by default.

To resize a photo to 2x2 inches:

  1. Upload or copy and paste the photo to the Microsoft Word document.
  2. Click on the photo. A new menu bar will now appear, labelled as “Picture Tools.”
  3. On the far right corner, you could see the “Size” section. Just type in 2 for the width, and 2 for the height as well.